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Air Conditioning for Server Rooms

Air Conditioning for Server Rooms

Modern day IT equipment is some of the most temperature temperamental equipment there is, processors, servers, PC's all generate heat whenever they are switched on. No matter what your design of room is you must have the air conditioning capacity to remove the heat these servers are generating as fast as they release it, if not the processor can overheat causing a meltdown of your equipment.

Overheating server equipment running cost increase as the servers internal fans work over time to stop the burn out of your equipment.

The cost of loss of information is great, as is the impact of server downtime. An air conditioning installation in your server room will extend the equipment's life-span and increase its efficiency, as well as reduce any possibility of failure.

Put in simple terms every server room should have some form of air conditioning. Businesses need to compare the marginal cost of installing air con and its running costs, against the expenditure required to replace burnt out equipment due to overheating.

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