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Conservatory Heating from Aircare

A conservatory is one of the most special rooms of your home; it's a place where you go to relax, read the news paper or a book and it provides a link and a view to your garden. Depending on the construction of your conservatory, chances are it's difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature inside, which is one of the main drawbacks to the large glass windows.

At Aircare Air conditioning Ltd, we understand this, we provide state of the art conservatory air conditioning units to households throughout Liverpool and the North West. Our products, which include A rated inverter AC systems stand apart from the competition as they are able to cool and heat air up to 300% more efficiently than a standard, more expensive heating system. This is achieved through innovative technologies and modern air source heat pumps. What's more, all of our conditioning units for conservatories are environmentally friendly, and could reduce your household heating bill when used as opposed to a standard central heating system.


Well, at Aircare Air conditioning Ltd we've been in the air conditioning business for a number of years and we have the experience needed to recommend the correct product your home. Whether your conservatory is large or small, we offer winter conservatory heating options which will make your life easier. We can also help you to turn your large scale air conditioning projects into reality.

There are several different air conditioning units that we recommend that are ideal for conservatories. These include single split systems which cool air and heat pump systems which both cool and heat air. In the winter months, a heat pump air conditioning unit will heat a conservatory as well as a traditional radiator but cost much less.

This is the major benefit to heating a conservatory through a dedicated air conditioning system. It will offer you, as the home owner, ultimate control over your climate.

Get in touch with Aircare Air conditioning Ltd today to talk to one of our friendly team about heating your conservatory in an environmentally friendly, cost effective manner. 

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