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" Aircare fitted our server room and office air conditioning system. We are very happy with everything they have done. There work is a very high standard, neat and tidy. The system they have installed is running all day every day and is very cost effective. Couldn't be happier! "

" I suffer from severe sleep apnea. Even aided with a breathing mask I still found the room stuffy and hard to breathe. Since having our air conditioner unit fitted I have found that my breathing has become more stable without a breathing mask. With the mask and air conditioner I now have a perfect night's sleep. "

" I struggle to sleep during the summer months and the bedroom is just too hot. Our new air con unit is a god send. A small price to pay for a good night's sleep. "

" Within an hour of my being in bed the room always felt stuffy and I was bunged up. Even with the window open all night I would wake up a few times during the night. The team at Air Care fitted our bedroom air con and since then I get a perfect nights sleep "

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